Using Interactive Content for SaaS Businesses to Grow Traffic and Establish Credibility

Published on November 6th, 2023

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Using Interactive Content for SaaS Businesses to Grow Traffic and Establish Credibility

Are you ready to transform your marketing approach? Elevate your B2B interactive content, the cutting-edge cornerstone of your marketing arsenal. Say goodbye to static blog posts and whitepapers; it’s time to elevate your strategy and transform your audience into active participants who keep returning for more.

B2B interactive content encompasses dynamic, engaging media that invites users to click, explore, and customize their experience. It forges a profound connection between the user and the brand, driving engagement and yielding positive outcomes. Imagine virtual tours, interactive webinars, quizzes, and dynamic infographics—it’s a lively and captivating addition to your B2B marketing blueprint.

While interactivity enriches your content, its primary role is to be informative. With each piece of content, ask yourself if it’s delivering valuable insights or analysis to potential customers. Offering something of authentic worth is paramount.

This guide is your launchpad into the world of interactive content. We’ll walk you through the essentials and showcase stellar examples of B2B interactive content to fuel your marketing prowess.

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Enhanced eBooks and Guides

Interactive eBooks and guides represent an elevated iteration of their traditional print counterparts. They incorporate clickable elements that enhance the reading experience, amplifying the potential for knowledge acquisition and exploring the subject matter. These interactive resources encompass a wide range of features, including:

  • Audio narration
  • Text highlighting
  • Videos
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Hyperlinked endnotes
  • Additional resources

Example: FirstPrinciples Growth

FPG’s downloadable guide on SaaS Link Building and Keyword Targeting Strategy for SaaS offers prospects valuable information at no cost. It’s user-friendly, swift, and leaves satisfied users more inclined to revisit.

Trackers & Calculators

Interactive calculators are crucial for your target audience, empowering them to ascertain vital information like processing speed, pricing options, or potential ROI. They provide instant, personalized results, offering your prospects a valuable service—for free!

Example: HubSpot

HubSpot presents a stellar example of a B2B calculator. Positioned as a go-to “data-driven advertising budget planner,” it resonates with B2B enterprises, as its customized results aid in making informed decisions about advertising expenditure. By leveraging metrics like target conversion rate, expected CPC, projected monthly budget, and more, this calculator fosters loyalty among users who gain valuable insights from it.

Quizzes and Assessments

Whether you aim to inject some fun and entertainment into your B2B marketing strategy or seek a substantial way to engage and educate your audience, quizzes exemplify some of the prime benefits of B2B interactive content. Given the typically lengthier B2B buying process, quizzes can instill decision-makers with greater confidence in their choices and your brand. Quizzes should be concise and swift, providing a definitive and actionable response.

Example: Paychex

Paychex, a payroll and HR solutions provider, delivers a range of high-quality interactive quizzes designed to help prospects pinpoint pain points. With question titles like “How do your hiring and retention practices rate? Take our quick assessment to learn what works and where you can improve,” these quizzes present compelling resources for businesses seeking to enhance their recruitment efforts. Regardless of the quiz results, Paychex offers assistance in optimizing your strategy.

Virtual Tours and Product Demonstrations

Virtual tours and product demos enable your audience to fully engage in an experience that effectively highlights your product’s features. You can provide virtual tours with interactive elements that allow potential customers to explore your offerings at their own pace, right from the convenience of their screens.

Example: Citrix

Citrix, a workspace software company, showcases the power of an interactive tour in demonstrating the value of their product. The Citrix product tour encourages users to become intimately acquainted with their service, incorporating interactive buttons, pop-up windows, and detailed labels. This experience is educational, as users learn how machine learning assesses user behavior to identify and resolve security threats. It serves as a step-by-step guide in guiding prospects further along the buying journey.

Webinars and Live Chats

Interactive webinars represent a burgeoning trend in B2B marketing. Prospects can actively participate, pose questions, share feedback, and engage with industry experts in real time, fostering a dynamic two-way communication channel. B2B webinars should be distinctive, comprehensive, and tailored to address specific points rather than broad topics.

While webinars are typically associated with the top-of-the-funnel marketing stage, interactive content allows for customization to prospects at any stage. They serve as a highly effective lead generation tool, especially when aligned with the buying stage:

  • Early-stage: Educational webinars targeting common pain points.
  • Mid-stage: Webinars focusing on providing solutions to pressing issues.
  • Late-stage: Opportunities to delve into key product features and present case studies, directly addressing specific queries and engaging individually with participants.

Example: SEMRush

SEMrush, a widely used SEO tool, employs an innovative approach to craft interactive content. They offer live audits in a webinar format: companies can submit their website for a chance to be selected, and SEO experts will conduct a live audit (at no cost!) of the chosen websites. This is a stellar example of utilizing B2B interactive content to convert leads into paying customers, informative, engaging, and personalized.

Interactive Infographics

Infographics have evolved into a pivotal component of marketing strategies across various industries. They boast visual appeal, adding vibrancy to websites and social media pages and simplifying the comprehension of intricate information. They are highly potent instruments for enhancing brand recognition, stimulating demand, and educating your target audience.

Taking it a step further, interactive infographics introduce an extra layer of engagement. From straightforward features like hovering over elements to unveil additional insights to more intricate ones like a real-time, AI-driven Q&A function, they entice individuals to delve deeper into your content.

Example: Kapost

Kapost offers a stellar demonstration of harnessing the potential of interactive infographics. They employ an informative, visually captivating timeline of marketing technologies while persuasively guiding users on the importance of strategically allocating their marketing budget. This, of course, leads directly to their eBook—a stroke of genius. Additionally, you’ll notice in the screenshot that their ‘Request a demo’ option and interactive chatbot are conveniently within reach.


Games are a powerful engagement tool that seamlessly blend education with entertainment, offering unparalleled interaction. While their development can be on the higher end of the investment spectrum, the potential return on investment is substantial, allowing you to achieve multiple marketing goals with a single piece of content. Whether it’s simulator games, loyalty programs, or contests, gamification is a proven method to convert prospects.

Example: LinkedIn

Even the slightest enhancement in user satisfaction can have a profound impact. LinkedIn’s profile strength indicator provides instant gratification to members who share more personal information, leveraging the user’s aspiration to achieve a 100% completion goal. This approach proves more effective than directly requesting personal information, transforming the interaction into an engaging exchange.


In the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing, integrating interactive content is a pivotal strategy to captivate and engage target audiences. The diverse array of interactive tools, from immersive virtual tours to engaging quizzes and calculators, empowers prospects to explore and connect with brands on a deeper level actively. Furthermore, interactive infographics and webinars provide avenues for conveying complex information visually, compellingly, and interactively.

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