Several Search Ranking Algorithm Updates Eliminated from Googles Ranking Systems Page

Published on November 6th, 2023

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Google wielded its axe once again and eliminated several page experience-related ranking systems.

So what got cut? From what we can see – The page speed system, Mobile-friendly system, secure site system, and the whooper – page experience system

If we actually check the Google Archives, we can see the changes that have happened

Mobile Friendly Ranking System is no longer where it was showing – It was under the Retired section but now it is no longer there at all showing and has been eliminated completely. Here is what it looked like before and what it looks like now:

Google Search Console also had changes in terms of mobile usability report and the page experience report removed from it and page experience was added to the helpful content guidance.

Page experience update as per Google was not a system and it has been termed a concept by Google. Also, core web vitals have been described as recommended for web owners for a good user experience generally.

Google is focusing on the content on the page even if the page experience is not up to the mark. That leaves us with the burning question – Is page experience and page speed and mobile friendliness really necessary at all?

What is the verdict?

Although for Google rankings these factors might not be relevant and the SEO teams can breathe easily as these factors were given utmost importance to ensure they are up to scratch in a site.

But…. these still hold good for a good user experience. Users still want a mobile-friendly site that loads fast. No one is going to wait for a site to load in 6 seconds. We want the site to tell us exactly what we are looking for.

So for users, these factors are still relevant and super important so marketing teams should still pay heed to these and ensure they are taken care of and are at 100% as these are the factors which help retain visitors and increase demos and sales. For rankings, NO but for users, a big resounding YES.

Rajashree Goswami

I tweak my imaginations and thoughts to create creative & narrative content. At FPGrowth, as Content Writer Lead, I underpin solutions into words, and put the assessments into threaded paragraphs to solve the readers' pain points. When not on my table, you can find me roaming around nature with the shutter on or having an insightful conversation over a cup of Latte!!
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