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B2B Product Marketing is the backbone of every SaaS business

Focusing on multiple channels is the key but working with a bunch of agencies is a head-scratcher. Product Marketing Pod will help you focus less on the channel and more on defining your objective. The Marketing Pod will work with you to execute against those objectives complementing your existing internal team.

Why Product Marketing POD From Firstprinciples
Why Product Marketing POD From Firstprinciples?

Our SaaS Product Marketing Pod Archetypes work with you as operational partners to define the 18 to 24-month objectives and a roadmap to achieve them. Our SaaS product marketing expertise focuses on boosting revenue rather than just improving a particular channel. By setting a Marketing Pod, FirstPrinciples will help you channel your efforts to drive revenue and make a mark in your industry, starting with developing a rock-solid SaaS marketing strategy.

B2B Product Marketing Process:

Competitor Analysis & Building Battle Cards

Competitor Analysis & Building Battle Cards

  • Understanding the competitive landscape to lay the groundwork for Product Positioning
  • Gauge the marketing channels and sales processes competitors are currently using
  • In-depth analysis of channels and messaging to crush competitors
Market Positioning Review & Analysis

Market Positioning Review & Analysis

  • Proper market placement to churn the mind wheels of the ideal consumers
  • Addressing customer pain-points through proper messaging
User Interviews_ User_Persona

User Interviews & User Persona Development

  • Conducting user interviews to understand significance of your product
  • Deep dive into your product features
  • Ideation for future product enhancements
  • Building user personas to help us hone in on their needs
Channel Identification & Strategy

Channel Identification & Strategy

  • Identify the best channels to leverage to get you customers
  • Building network by focusing on one channel and then expanding to the rest
Collateral Creation

Collateral Creation

  • Creating and updating marketing and sales collaterals
  • Creating landing pages and taking charge of website updates
  • Building lead magnets to get more users at the door


  • Executing and analyzing strategies build so-far
  • Iterating, testing and improvising them for better results

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“FP Growth catapulted our website to the top of search engine results, surpassing larger competitors along the way. The results simply speak for themselves. The team has helped with massive growth on the organic traffic side and also leads the product engineering efforts. FP Growth has been an amazing partner.”

Arman Ghosh

Co-Founder | Greatvet


“FP Growth's SaaS SEO expertise was a game-changer for us. They propelled us to #1 in our niche for organic traffic, driving us past $3 million in revenue. Their strategic approach and flawless execution made all the difference. Highly recommend!”

TJ Lokboj

Co-Founder | Syndication Pro

Syndication Pro

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