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Ameet Mehta

Ameet Mehta



About Ameet Mehta

Ameet Mehta‘s expertise lies in building revenue engines for technology-enabled companies and private equity investments. He began his journey with TechStars Chicago and has since founded and acquired several companies through FirstPrinciples Holding Company. The FirstPrinciples portfolio generates over $7M in revenue/year with most companies in the SaaS space.

He founded FPGrowth with his partners to serve as a growth agency for their businesses. Over time, FPGrowth started to take on external clients to replicate the success and share the strategies and tactics to grow SaaS Companies.

Ameet is a frequent speaker at events and podcasts. You can listen to his insights at The Startup Operator, Founder Institute, Superflow Podcast, etc.

Beyond his business endeavors, Ameet actively contributes to positive change as a Board Member of the Milaan Foundation. Outside work, Ameet cheers for the Chicago Bears and enjoys playing golf. He is forever grateful to the Chicago Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for giving him his start and supporting his growth journey.