Ameet Mehta

Ameet Mehta

Ameet Mehta


CEO and Founder

About Ameet Mehta

Ameet Mehta, the founder of FirstPrinciples, a leading tech-holding company, brings over a decade of expertise in building and scaling lean cashflow-positive tech businesses. 

Originally a business graduate from the USA, Ameet relocated to India with a vision to build a business empire in his native country. In his entrepreneurial journey, he co-founded multiple SaaS companies and tech agencies, demonstrating a keen eye for emerging trends and an adeptness in transforming them into thriving ventures.

Ameet’s exceptional salesmanship, combined with his deep understanding of market dynamics and expertise in marketing, sets him apart. He consistently demonstrates an impressive ability to close deals and cultivate enduring partnerships. His persuasive approach has garnered client trust and propelled FirstPrinciples and its subsidiaries to the forefront of the industry. Ameet Mehta’s story is inspired and tenacious, showcasing the immense potential that can be realized through vision, expertise, and unyielding determination. His legacy as a transformative figure in the tech industry is set to endure for generations to come. Apart from this blog, Ameet is extremely active on Twitter, sharing valuable insights on growing SaaS businesses.

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