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Using our meticulously crafted marketing strategies leveraging our proprietary technology, we partner with B2B companies in positioning themselves as the #1 Brand in your niche.

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500+ Million ads
impressions generated
4.60+ Million landing page
visits generated
167,195 B2B leads
3.91 Million USD
budget handled
85% More sales
3x Targeted
309% Increased
75% Increased first page
keyword rankings
27% Less than
Bounce rate reduction

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What Sets FP Growth Apart From Other SaaS Marketing Agencies?

FP Growth was founded with a mission to address the gap in the SaaS marketing landscape by leveraging our firsthand experience in launching and managing successful SaaS ventures. Having encountered challenges in finding external agencies that were both cost-effective and possessed a nuanced understanding of SaaS dynamics, we established FP Growth to fill this void.

Our agency is uniquely positioned, having initiated and managed our own SaaS ventures, ensuring that our services are not only results-driven but also deeply attuned to the specific needs of SaaS businesses.


SaaS Marketing Services Built to Scale Your SaaS



We specialize in providing SEO services for SaaS brands and helping them organically increase their brand presence and awareness over the internet

SaaS Technical SEO 

Our Technical SEO Services ensure that your site is always optimized for speed and mobile friendliness. We ensure that your website is always fine tuned to improve its relevance to search engines.

SaaS Keyword Research

Our keyword research services ensure that we identify the right keywords for your SaaS brand to go after to improve relevancy

SaaS Content Marketing

We ensure that your content strategy is in perfect harmony with your keyword clusters to ensure you reach topical authority within your niche

SaaS Link-Building

Our Link Building services help you gain backlinks from the most relevant and authoritative sites from your industry.



Our SaaS PPC services are designed to help you get the maximum ROI from your paid advertising efforts. We meticulously craft and optimize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns tailored to your SaaS business and ensure that every click counts.


Search Ads

Our Search Ad services elevate your online visibility by strategically targeting keywords relevant to your brand.


Display Ads

Our display ads services includes creating compelling images to engaging videos to resonate with your audience


Social Ads

We leverage the power of social media channels to help promote your brand messaging and awareness to your targeted audience



Using our proven methodology, we provide RevOps as a service to help our B2B clients in achieving maximal operational efficiency in their marketing, sales and support functions.


Marketing Ops

Our Marketing Operations services are designed to create the most powerful and effective marketing automation campaigns to ensure all your leads in the funnel are catered to


Sales Ops

We work directly with your sales team to create the perfect operational system to maximize sales efficiency and conversion of leads to opportunities


Customer Support Ops

We work closely with your support team to build, improve and monitor customer success programs designed to help you achieve your CSAT goals


Social Media Marketing

We work closely with you in crafting the most effective content calendar to help elevate your brand presence within different social media channels.


Content Creation

Develop engaging and shareable content for social media platforms.


Community Management

Interact with the audience, respond to comments, and build relationships.


Analytics and Reporting

Monitor social media metrics and provide performance reports.



Plan and execute paid social media campaigns to reach specific demographics.


Fractional CMO

Our Fractional CMO services are designed to help B2B firms in leveraging our inhouse team of CMOs to work closely with their team in offering strategic marketing leadership services without the hassle of a full time commitment.


Strategic Marketing Leadership

Ensure we provide best of class marketing leadership services


Campaign Management

Plan and execute marketing campaigns for product/service launches.


Budgeting and Resource Allocation

Manage marketing budgets and allocate resources effectively.


Cross-Functional Collaboration

 Collaborate with other departments for integrated marketing efforts.



Through our CRO services, we strategically build your website in a manner which leads to more conversions, with each CTA built for optimization.


User Experience (UX) Analysis

Evaluate website/app usability to enhance user experience.


A/B Testing

Conduct experiments to compare and optimize different versions of elements.


Conversion Funnel Optimization

Streamline the conversion process for higher conversion rates.


Data Analysis

Use data to identify and address barriers to conversion.


Account Based Marketing(ABM)

We help B2B clients in reaching their target accounts with precision through our ABM services. We tailor our ABM strategies for your high value prospects and initiate personalized campaigns to garner their interest.


Account Identification

Identify high-value target accounts for personalized marketing.


Content Personalization

Tailor marketing content to specific accounts and stakeholders.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Implement targeted campaigns across various channels.


Data Analysis

Use data to identify and address barriers to conversion.


Branding & Design

We help B2B SaaS companies in telling their own unique story with our brand and design services. We craft the most visually stimulating designs that resonate with your target audience.


Brand Strategy

Develop a cohesive brand strategy aligned with business objectives.


Visual Identity

Create logos, color schemes, and design elements for brand recognition.


Collateral Creation

Design marketing materials, both digital and print, to support campaigns.


Brand Guidelines

Establish and maintain guidelines for consistent brand representation.


Web Development

Along with design, we also offer custom web development services to build websites that act as strong foundations for your business.


Front-End Development

Design and implement user interfaces for websites and applications.


Back-End Development

Develop server-side logic and databases for web functionality.


Security and Performance Optimization

Ensure website security and optimize for speed and performance.


Responsive Design

Create websites that function seamlessly across various devices.



Continuously engage with your audience with our Newsletter services, where we craft compelling email designs and copy to delight your audience with the most relevant news and events within your industry


Content Creation

Develop engaging and relevant content for newsletters.



Segment the audience to deliver personalized content.


Design and Layout

Create visually appealing newsletter templates.


Analytics and Optimization

Analyze open rates, click-through rates, and optimize content based on data.

A Strategic Roadmap to Skyrocket Your SaaS Growth

  • customer-review-pending customer-review-pending


    Our first step of the journey is to onboard you as a customer. This phase typically includes integrating our team with the relevant stakeholders within your organization, drafting accountability charts, gaining access to your tech stack, and creating a project proposal for every two weeks.

  • Discovery

    At this stage, we conduct a thorough discovery of your marketing, sales and support functions. This typically includes understanding more about your sales process, previous and current marketing initiatives, as well as current structure of customer support. We derive a lot of meaningful data regarding your organization during this phase.

    discovery-icon discovery-icon
  • strategic-planning strategic-planning

    Strategic Planning & Roadmap

    Based on our discovery, we set the ball rolling by creating a strategic plan for growth. This often includes addressing some of the key gap areas identified during discovery as well as creating a new plan of action to acquire new leads. This may include recreating existing drip marketing campaigns, or working on a digital ads strategy to increase your total MQLs.

  • Sprint Planning 

    We organize our growth activities into sprints of two weeks. Goals are established at the beginning of each week, and we strategically work with you in ensuring that they are completed on time. Through our bi-weekly sprints, we not only maintain a high level of flexibility but also foster a collaborative partnership with you.

    sprint-planning sprint-planning
  • campaign-blueprint campaign-blueprint

    Campaign Blueprint

    Once our discovery is complete, we move towards moving the needle on the most pressing issues, ensuring that we create a blueprint for your marketing campaign. Based on your own unique needs and the industry that you operate in, we craft digital marketing campaigns that have the highest potential in terms of conversion.

  • Campaign Execution

    Once the campaign structures have been created, we start working on its execution. We ensure that every element aligns seamlessly, from targeted audience segmentation to compelling ad creatives. Our meticulous approach to campaign execution involves continuous monitoring, data analysis, and optimization, ensuring that your campaign performs at its peak throughout its lifecycle

    campaign-execution campaign-execution
  • continuous-iteration continuous-iteration

    Continuous Iteration

    In the realm of continuous iteration, we strive for perpetual improvement. Once campaigns are live, our focus extends beyond mere execution. We engage in ongoing analysis, feedback integration, and rapid adjustments. By fostering a culture of constant refinement, we ensure that your strategies evolve with the dynamic market landscape, allowing for sustained growth and adaptability to changing trends.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Our commitment to transparency and accountability shines through in our Reporting & Analytics phase. Beyond campaign execution, we provide comprehensive insights into performance metrics, audience engagement, and conversion rates. These analytics serve as a compass for strategic decision-making, allowing us to refine approaches and optimize future campaigns for even greater success.

    reporting-analysis reporting-analysis
  • scaling-growth scaling-growth

    Scaling Growth

    With an eye on future horizons, we strategically navigate the Scaling Growth phase. As campaigns mature, we identify scalable opportunities to amplify success. Our approach involves identifying high-performing elements, exploring new channels, and implementing advanced strategies. This forward-looking mindset ensures that your business not only experiences growth but also scales it sustainably, unlocking new levels of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A SaaS marketing agency specializes in promoting software-as-a-service (SaaS) products through a combination of digital marketing strategies like SEO, content creation, paid media etc... These agencies focus on increasing brand visibility, generating leads, and driving conversions specifically for SaaS companies.

FPGrowth offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media management, account based marketing (ABM), Fractional CMO, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). These services are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of SaaS businesses.

Partnering with a SaaS marketing agency like FPGrowth provides access to industry expertise, data-driven strategies, and proven methodologies to effectively market your SaaS product. This ensures optimal allocation of your marketing budget and helps you accelerate your revenue.

When selecting a SaaS marketing agency, you should consider factors such as their track record of success with SaaS companies in increasing their revenue and their expertise in digital marketing channels. Transparency in communication and ability to tailor strategies to your unique needs and target audience are also important factors to consider when choosing a SaaS marketing agency.

A SaaS marketing agency is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies specifically designed to promote SaaS products. This includes activities such as lead generation, customer acquisition, brand positioning, and retention efforts. Agencies like FPGrowth leverage a deep understanding of the SaaS industry to drive meaningful results for their clients.

What distinguishes FP Growth from other agencies are two fold - first, we started this agency because we are SaaS founders ourselves and have scaled multiple SaaS companies from $0 to $10mm in revenue. This allows us to bring a level of expertise and know how about the SaaS industry that is quite unique. And secondly, we focus exclusively on three levers of growth when working with companies - new customer acquisition, customer expansion and customer retention. We orient all our undertakings along these three fundamental pillars which allows us to accelerate revenue growth for our customers.

Our pricing strategy is purely based on your specific needs. We have three main tiers of pricing depending on where you are in your growth journey. Tier 1 are companies that have just scaled past $1mm in ARR and are looking to expand their revenue to $3mm. Tier 2 is for companies that are trying to break into the $5mm mark. And tier 3 is for companies that have gone past $5mm in ARR and are trying to scale past $10mm in ARR. Because the strategies involved in each stage are different, the pricing will be contingent upon the allocation of resources that will be required from our end to help you meet your growth objectives.

FPGrowth believes in fostering a collaborative partnership with clients throughout the marketing process. While we will be doing the bulk of the work in designing and shaping your marketing initiatives, we’d need your participation in ensuring that the initiatives align with your overall vision for the company. Over time, the goal will be to establish a seamless synergy where our expertise in SaaS marketing complements your insights into your product and target audience. By working closely together, we can refine strategies, optimize campaigns, and ultimately drive sustainable growth for your business.

FP Growth's SaaS marketing prowess was a game-changer for us. They strategically positioned our brand, driving remarkable growth in our niche and surpassing $5 million in revenue. Their expertise and flawless execution made all the difference in accelerating past our revenue goals

TJ Lokboj Co-Founder | Syndication Pro
Syndication Pro

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