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10 Reasons Your B2B Lead Generation Strategies Are Not Working

Rahul Chakraborty
Feb 3, 2023
6 mins read
10 Reasons Your B2B Lead Generation Strategies Are Not Working

Lead generation is a stepping stone for your marketing and sales strategies, a crucial part of your B2B business that will help you boost your revenue.

To ensure this, B2B companies invest heavily in these strategies to get information about the target audience and eventually turn them into customers. Although many companies invest in lead generation, some still struggle with producing enough leads to help increase their sales. Here are the top reasons for that:

  • You don’t know your audience
  • You are paying less quality content
  • Your landing pages are unappealing
  • You aren’t using the proper lead generation and nurturing tools
  • You’re not monitoring and reacting to your analytics
  • You aren’t using social media optimally

Let’s deep dive into each one of them!

Reason #1: You don’t know your audience

Building and modifying your SaaS without considering your audience or having an ideal customer persona on paper or in mind is one of the top reasons your B2B lead generation strategy might not work. SaaS companies must build their products for a particular audience, so it is necessary to know their buyer persona, requirements, and features. Remember, your product is not for everyone. Also, ensure that you create campaigns that cater to that audience’s specific needs.

Reason #2: You are producing less quality content

Sharing 4-5 blogs per week on your website won’t be fruitful if people aren’t reading that blog. You must produce quality content that your website visitors will be interested in. You need to ensure that the content you share is authentic and relevant to your target audience.

Reason #3: Website containing unappealing landing pages

An unattractive landing page will undoubtedly push your website and visitors away, and it’s not just the design or content part that you need to focus on here. You also need to ensure that the load time is <3s. Anything more than that will leave a wrong impression on your incoming website traffic, eventually affecting your lead generation strategies.

Reason #4: You aren’t using the proper lead generation and nurturing tools

Converting a website visitor is a complex and time-consuming process, and if you aren’t using the right tools and assets, your efforts might not have any significant impact. B2B companies need to entice their website visitors using case studies, white papers, infographics, ebooks, and other assets. The best you can do is share helpful content in exchange for their information, and you need to show them the value you’re offering.

Reason #5: You aren’t capturing the correct lead information

Let us face it. There’s less probability of a lead coming to your website and directly buying the product or service you have to offer, so you will need time and the correct information to nurture them for some time. 

For B2B SaaS companies, understanding and capturing the correct lead information and data you can use is necessary, especially regarding lead nurturing. As mentioned in reason #4, you can leverage ebooks, case studies, or any other downloadable asset to capture the necessary data.

Reason #6: You’re not monitoring and reacting to your analytics

Tracking analytics and measuring the right metrics can tell you much about the incoming traffic and your website’s performance. Metrics like Monthly Unique Visitors, Total Signups, Organic vs. Paid Traffic ROI, and Conversion Rate are crucial for a B2B company. Keeping an eye on these will help you analyze whether your lead generation efforts are paying off or not so you can refine and adjust what you’re doing.

Reason #7: You aren’t using social media optimally

A low profile on social media can become a problem for B2B companies because almost every audience segment is present. More importantly, if yours is a B2B SaaS product, social media will provide you an opportunity to go international. A proper strategy to strengthen your social media presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., will help you soar in the number of inbound leads you can eventually convert through nurturing funnels.

Reason #8: Your website lacks a CTA

One of the best ways to engage people with your website is by letting them know what they need to do next. This is where CTAs come into play. They help website visitors understand the following steps: sign up, book a call or share your contact details to connect with them. You need to utilize buttons and forms to help guide your viewers to take action.

Reason #9: Your website is outdated and lacks a value proposition

Website design and responsiveness have a considerable impact on SEO. In extreme cases, if your website is outdated, it can make your online presence obsolete. This can negatively impact your lead generation. Additionally, ensure that visitors can view your website easily on their mobile devices as over 65% of web traffic comes from mobile.

When working on a website or your landing page, you must consider the value proposition and what your visitors can expect from their investment (time and monetary) in your company. Ensure that you address your customers, hit the right pain points, and present your solution. You can also add testimonials to give validation to your claims.

Reason #10: Your opt-in forms aren’t optimized for mobile use

Capturing contact information is vital for lead conversion, mainly for SaaS businesses. As a SaaS marketer, you need to put in an extra piece of value to encourage the lead to share their information. For this, you can try using some lead magnets like white papers, ebooks, case studies, and other gated content. However, as mentioned in reason #9, as over 65% of adults use their mobile phones for a search query, you must ensure that your website is fully optimized for a mobile view, especially the opt-in forms. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t let these pitfalls mess up your lead generation strategies. Remember to be flexible with your approach and ensure that you only change your strategy after analyzing the data at your disposal.

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