Guide to Keyword Research and Content Strategy 2023

20+ pages to help you gain authority in the SERPs with the Right Keyword and content Strategy

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Drive traffic and conversions with a robust keyword strategy

This Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research and Content Strategy: A Complete Guide that covers the most important SEO strategies, will help you through the entire process, from identifying and analyzing competitors, building a robust keyword strategy to writing content that consistently gets read and ranks well on Google.

Analyze and outrank competition to get better SERP authority

For SaaS companies, understanding your competition is equally important in order to punch them out of your way and grab position #1 in SERPs ranking. For this, the first step is to identify your top competitors (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary). Ideally, shortlist businesses that are ranking higher than your business for the keywords you intend to target.
Once you have a proper list in place, review key SEO ranking factors as:

  • Website Structure and UX
  • Website Copy
  • Meta Tags
  • Ranking Keywords and Position
  • On-site Content, type of content & frequency
  • Backlink Profile, etc

Competition within SaaS is fierce which means, to win against your competitors you need to go beyond the basics, especially with content and keyword strategy – an indispensable and hard to ignore part of SEO.

What's Inside?

This 20+ page Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research and Content Strategy will walk you through:

  • How to identify your top competitors?
  • Using Gap Analysis to leverage your competitor’s weakness
  • How to build a keyword strategy from scratch?
  • How to perform keyword research?
  • How to perform a content audit?
  • Producing SEO-friendly and interesting copy
  • Building a content development and marketing strategy
  • Recommends tools you should use to get the best results

Beat your competitor at their own game

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Beat your competitor at their own game

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