Nalini V

Nalini V


SEO Analyst

About Nalini V

Nalini V, an SEO strategist with 11+ years of experience, specializes in optimizing online presence across diverse industries, including Education, SaaS, and Health. She has extensive expertise in optimizing websites to drive more traffic through Google and other search engines. Her core focus is to generate business and elevate revenue by implementing a refined inbound marketing strategy, targeting highly qualified customers.

As a digital marketing professional, she has a nuanced understanding and in-depth grasp of keyword research, analysis, and recommendations for Business Development, Implementing link-building campaigns, Social Media, Research, industry trends, and HTML. In her career in the industry, she has held experience handling diverse domains in multiple locations, propelling online discoverability & yielding positive returns. Nalini’s remarkable achievements include driving an impressive 2.5 million monthly organic traffic and transforming numerous websites with her customized digital marketing strategies.