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The Due Diligence Process

At FirstPrinciples, we protect your investment, for which you can count on our in-depth people, process, and tech assessment. We’re always here to help you visualize the risks and opportunities associated with the target SaaS and to create a roadmap to the future


Technical Due-Diligence

  • Understand Acquirer Vision for the Product & Growth
  • Understand Potential Exit Expectations


Architecture and Code

  • Code Architecture Review & Recommendations
  • Legacy Components & Technical Debt Analysis
  • Third Party & Open Source Code Dependency
  • Code Documentation Review
  • Security Review


Processes, Practices and Tools

  • Technical Documentation Review
  • Product Development Lifecycle Review
  • Deployment Process Review
  • Tools Access Rights Review


People and Organization

  • Team Roles Review
  • Team Gap Analysis



  • DevOps Optimization Review
  • Scalability Review


Product Function and Quality

  • UI & UX Audit
  • Performance Issues Analysis


Gap Analysis & Recommendations Report

  • Explain Gaps Between Objectives & Current Product, Codebase, Team & Processes
  • Provide Recommendations, Solutions, and Realistic Timelines to Meet the Gap

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“FP Growth catapulted our website to the top of search engine results, surpassing larger competitors along the way. The results simply speak for themselves. The team has helped with massive growth on the organic traffic side and also leads the product engineering efforts. FP Growth has been an amazing partner.”

Arman Ghosh

Co-Founder | Greatvet


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TJ Lokboj

Co-Founder | Syndication Pro

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