Marketing in the Age of AI: How ChatGPT is Transforming Digital Marketing Use Cases

Expert Discussion on Marketing in the Age of AI : Discover How ChatGPT is Transforming Digital Marketing Use Cases

Expert Discussion on Marketing in the Age of AI : Discover How ChatGPT is Transforming Digital Marketing Use Cases

As businesses increasingly rely on digital channels to connect with customers, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing has become more critical than ever. By leveraging AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, marketers can gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, optimize marketing campaigns, and drive more significant business results.

Here’s what has been discussed with the Experts :

  • ✅Insights into the latest AI-powered marketing technologies
  • ✅Examples of real-world applications of ChatGPT
  • ✅Best practices for implementing AI-powered marketing tools
  • ✅Tips for optimizing your marketing campaigns using AI
  • ✅Potential future developments for ChatGPT’s keyword research capabilities
  • ✅Leveraging ChatGPT and Keywords Research Tool LongTailPro to be used in tandem to create a comprehensive keyword strategy

Webinar Questions Discussed

AI is going to transform business models. AI has been used as workflows, automating or digitizing workflows to save time and money until now. Now, it is going to be more about providing valuable decisions that are automatically made based on all the information the apps already have.

ChatGPT is an answering bot, rather than competing with a search engine it going to create a new niche for answering bot.

Pros: ChatGPT should be leveraged to increase customer engagement which earlier bots weren’t able to do.

Cons: ChatGPT lacks creativity and the human nuance to deal with a certain client’s situation.

It will certainly revolutionize the digital marketing industry.

There is a massive reorientation in the digital marketing landscape is going on with AI products like ChatGPT. It is really helpful for individuals who would struggle to come up with content ideas to improve their SEO and leverage the power of long tail pro

Now they're able to leverage it in new ways and in a more robust fashion because of products like ChatGPT.

So they're getting more benefits out of engaging with our SaaS product than they ever have before.

AI models continue to get better and better every day. Most of the redundant tasks are going to be automated which is gonna save a ton of money and a lot of people will need to be re-skill and up-skill or they'll be out of a job pretty soon.

SEO is more than content writing, more technical skills go into ranking a website on a search engine.

At this moment, ChatGPT can give you factual data but well-researched content, and well-written makes the audience stop scrolling and read. That is something AI hasn’t achieved yet.

In the end, we need to learn how to leverage these AI tools to analyze data better be it for SEO or PPC.

Teams have to overcome a learning curve to leverage AI and spend more time with the new upcoming AI tools which will amplify their capacity.

About the Speaker

About the Speaker

Meet The Speaker

Ameet Mehta

CEO and Founder

Ameet is a technology entrepreneur, investor & Operator, and the CEO of FirstPrinciples, a venture holding company. He leads the marketing & sales team to plan a strategic framework to drive thriving success. He started acquiring SaaS & Agency businesses at FPHoldCo, and the current portfolio is 7 Cos doing $6mm+ revenue. Ameet also sits on the Board of the Milaan Foundation.

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Meet The Speaker

Pushkar Sinha

Digital Marketing Manager

12+ years in Search Engine Optimization for European, American, and Indian markets. His decade-long SEO experience inculcated for the agency and as in-house marketing support- an innovative, multi-dimensional, cross-functional marketing leader with a track record of planning and managing unprecedented marketing campaigns yielding positive returns.

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