Unlock the Power of Google Ads in 2023

Unlock the Power of Google Ads in 2023 - Inside Talk

Unlock the Power of Google Ads in 2023 - Inside Talk

In the “Google Ads 2023 – New Changes to Data Segments and Audience Targeting” Inside Talk, you came to know about the latest updates and trends in data segments and audience targeting for Google Ads.

Here’s what has been discussed :

  • ✅An overview of the new changes that were made in data segments and audience targeting for Google Ads.
  • ✅How to leverage these updates to optimize their marketing funnel and boost conversions.
  • ✅Actionable insights and strategies were shared for implementing these changes in Google Ads campaigns.
  • ✅Best practices for utilizing data segments and audience targeting to drive better business results.
  • ✅Attendees learned how the algorithm used these segments to find new and similar users.
  • ✅Best practices for using customer match lists.
  • ✅The final phase of changes (August 1, 2023) was discussed.

Questions Discussed on Inside Talk

I believe AI is just part of the equation. The changes going on since 2022 everywhere in the world with supply chain disruptions, small and medium businesses struggling, inflation and businesses slowing down post pandemic will definitely have an effect on google and search algorithms. What we don't realize is that real world scenarios affect our search world too.
The intro of AI tools just added to the equation and not only google but all the other search engines also are adapting to it. I am sure this is definitely going to keep continuing and we shall be seeing more changes across the board.

I believe google Ads will surely go the search engine result way with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence paving the way for better campaign performance and easier optimization. Also one more aspect that will emerge is analytics and data handling along with Data privacy as well. Privacy guidelines are sure to change throughout with the AI tools coming in. Mobile and voice searches will play an important part in all paid media as we are already seeing now with these updates and doters to come.

Let me just list them out -

  • Ads Grouping - group them together
  • Landing page and ad copy need to match
  • Utilize and experiment Other campaign types
  • Use negative keywords
  • Conversion rate, quality score, return on ad spend and cost per acquisition - these are some of the metrics you should keep track of along with others like CTR and CPC which are commonly tracked
  • Automated bid strategies
  • Messages optimization based on data
  • Site links check periodically
  • Automated bid strategies - use manual and automated bidding and do A/B testing

About the Speaker

About the Speaker

Meet The Speaker

Padmaja Santhanam

Partner & Growth Manager

With over 12 years of experience, Padmaja has experience in Product Management and has worked on all aspects of product growth and marketing. She has helped a bunch of companies to find scalable distribution channels for digital products, has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with go-to-market strategy, SEO, SEM, Campaign Management, and more. She is an expert at exceeding goals, driving new user acquisition, and managing B2B campaigns.

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