8 Secret SaaS SEO Tools That You Should Be Using Right Now

Shivam Kumar
Sep 29, 2023
8 mins read
8 Secret SaaS SEO Tools That You Should Be Using Right Now

Companies such as Canva have demonstrated that investing strategically and consistently in organic growth is a potent and cost-efficient approach for scaling a SaaS company. This surge in demand has led to many SaaS SEO professionals and a proliferation of SEO tools. However, the abundance of options can make it a bit overwhelming when trying to select the most suitable ones.

To alleviate this, I’ve compiled a list of tools commonly utilized by SaaS SEO experts, including my personal preferences. Most SEO professionals employ at least one tool from each category, though everyone tends to have their own preferred tech stack.

Ultimately, there isn’t a definitive right or wrong choice. Much of it depends on your specific requirements and level of expertise, as well as what you find most comfortable using. Regardless, let’s delve into some of the top-notch SEO tools favored by the experts.

Essential Google Tools

You can’t go without utilizing the handy tools provided directly by Google to make significant strides. While they do have some limitations, you’re getting reliable data straight from the source.

Among the various tools up for discussion, Google Webmaster tools are unequivocal necessities for SEO in the realm of SaaS and beyond.

Tool #1: Google Analytics

Surprisingly, this cornerstone of web analytics wasn’t originally developed by Google; they acquired the foundational technology when they purchased the web analytics company Urchin back in 2005. Putting history aside, this tool is indispensable for all SaaS SEO professionals, enabling you to measure traffic, conversions, downloads, and virtually every other aspect of your site.

Why it’s valuable for SaaS SEO:

  • Monitor pages that generate traffic
  • Analyze critical SaaS metrics like bounce rate and time on page
  • Track the pages that yield the most conversions
  • And much more


While a paid version is available, most companies (except for enterprises) won’t need to upgrade.

Is there a free version?

Yes, Google Analytics is available for free.

Tool #2: Google Search Console

If I had to recommend just one tool for advising companies on their SEO, this would be it. Google Search Console (GSC) allows you to monitor how your website appears in Google search results. You can observe the queries that lead to your web pages and track how often users click through to your site. When combined with search volume data, this information forms the backbone of most SEO toolkits.

Why it’s invaluable for SaaS SEO:

  • Uncover the queries your web pages rank for
  • Determine the monthly search volume of queries
  • Verify proper site indexing, address any issues, or request re-indexing
  • Receive alerts for Google-related site problems, such as spam or backlinking issues


Absolutely free!

Is there a free version?

Yes, as long as you have a website, you qualify for an account.

Crucial Comprehensive SEO Tools

With the plethora of specialized marketing tools available, sometimes opting for a full-fledged SEO software suite is the simpler choice. Nearly every SEO professional I encounter uses one of these tools or a comparable competitor. While I have my personal preference, these tools are closely matched in terms of functionality.

Tool #3: Ahrefs

Initially designed as a link analysis tool, Ahrefs has evolved into a comprehensive SEO toolkit and stands as one of the most favored platforms in the SaaS SEO community. Ahrefs empowers you to conduct tasks ranging from keyword research identifying backlink opportunities to examining your competitors’ organic profiles. Additionally, it boasts a commendable site analysis tool, rivaled only by some of the more technically oriented software I’ll discuss later. Its content discovery tool is also quite distinctive.

Why it’s indispensable for SaaS SEO:

  • Track your rankings for critical keywords across different regions
  • Analyze your competitors’ organic standings and gauge your own performance
  • Scrutinize your backlink profile and pinpoint broken link opportunities
  • Perform in-depth analyses of entire sites or specific pages
  • Receive email notifications regarding shifts in your rankings and backlinks

Does it offer a Whitelabel option?

No, not even for reports.

Does it have an API?

Yes, both a free version accompanying a standard subscription and a more potent paid version.


Subscription plans commence at $99 per month. Ahrefs presents several commendable alternatives tailored to your specific needs and use cases. Some platforms encompass more than just SEO features; others excel in accuracy with smaller keyword volumes. Some may offer fewer features at a lower price point. It’s worth investing some time in exploring these options. One such alternative is the next contender on our list…

Is there a free version?

No, although there used to be a 7-day trial for $7, the current entry-level plan is the Lite plan, priced at $99.

Tool #4: Semrush

Semrush stands as one of the most prevalent SEO platforms in the industry. It offers similar functionality to Ahrefs, but while Ahrefs excels in backlink analysis, Semrush takes the lead in keyword analysis. Additionally, Semrush boasts powerful PPC analysis tools.

Why it’s valuable for SaaS SEO:

  • Monitor your keyword rankings
  • Analyze your competitors’ organic standings and assess your own performance
  • Conduct comprehensive site audits or target specific pages
  • Receive email notifications about shifts in your rankings and backlinks
  • Evaluate your competitors’ PPC activities and gauge your own performance

Does it offer a Whitelabel option?

With an agency account, you can generate white-label PDF reports.

Does it have an API?

Yes, although you’ll need to opt for a business plan to access it.


Subscription plans commence at $119.95 per month.

Is there a free version?

There is a free version with limited features, or you can opt for a 7-day free trial of the full platform.

Tool #5: SEranking

This SEO tool is relatively new compared to the other three, but I’m noticing its adoption among SEOs in both the SaaS industry and agencies. It features a robust backlink analyzer and a capability to monitor competitors’ PPC activity. It is an excellent all-in-one SEO solution with a slightly more appealing price point.

Why it’s valuable for SaaS SEO:

  • Identify the PPC keywords your competitors are targeting
  • Monitor your rankings for crucial keywords
  • Assess your site’s health using the web crawl feature
  • Conduct a thorough backlink audit

Does it offer a Whitelabel option?

Yes, SEranking provides a comprehensive white-label option for you to customize and brand as your own.

Does it have an API?

Yes, although it’s exclusively available through their enterprise package.


Subscription plans start at $69 per month.

Is there a free version?

Yes, you can access a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card.

Email Discovery Tools

Finding accurate email contact information for each website is crucial in off-page SEO outreach campaigns or link-building efforts, particularly for SaaS brands.

Tool #6:

Hunter stands out as the finest and most precise tool for locating and validating email addresses of potential prospects. It bolsters your outreach endeavors by ensuring high deliverability and minimizing email bounces.

Alongside the Email Finder and Email Verifier tools, Hunter offers additional convenient features such as Hunter Campaigns, a Chrome extension, and an API designed to streamline and automate your email lookup and verification processes.

Why it’s beneficial for SaaS SEO:

  • Facilitates finding and confirming email addresses within your lists
  • Automates the entire cold outreach sequence
  • Assists in lead generation and link building, especially for acquiring authoritative and relevant backlinks through guest posts.


The Starter plan starts at $49 per month.

Is there a free version?

Yes, a free version grants you 25 searches and 50 monthly verification requests.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. While the tools mentioned earlier include keyword research features, most SEO professionals I know rely on at least one of the following supplementary tools to streamline their work and enhance their research rigor.

Tool #7: Keywords Everywhere

This browser extension proves highly convenient for Google searches. Though it’s no longer free, it remains an affordable option. It provides data on keyword volume, cost per click (CPC), and Adwords competition, all seamlessly displayed while you’re on the Google search results page.

Why it’s valuable for SaaS SEO:

  • Eliminates the need for constant switching between screens, swiftly providing volume and competition data for a keyword
  • Offers quick access to related searches through its keyword suggestion bar


You purchase a set amount of search credits. For the average SEO professional, this typically amounts to around $5 per month.

Is there a free version?

No, but there is a decent free alternative called Keyword Surfer.

Tool #8: Answer The Public

This method is highly effective for compiling a comprehensive list of potential queries and related keywords on a particular subject. Answer the Public is a keyword research tool that provides various search variations based on Google’s auto-complete suggestions and various question formats (e.g., How to, What is, etc.). This tool is precious for stimulating creative thinking regarding the diverse ways people search for a given topic.

Why it’s beneficial for SaaS SEO:

  • It offers insights into what people are searching for and how they’re phrasing their questions.
  • It aids in constructing thorough topic clusters that address various types of queries.


The subscription starts at $99, including a wealth of supplementary educational resources.

Is there a free version?

Yes, although there is a daily limit on the number of searches you can perform.

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