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Web Traffic Boost By 836%

How We Boosted Web Traffic For This Company by 836%


Executive Summary

Company Brief, the online store of one of the largest tile retailers in the US, was on the lookout for a digital partner to generate more website traffic and increase the annual revenue generated through online sales to both residential (B2C) and commercial (B2B) customers.


A good ongoing PPC Ad campaign made MosaicTileOutlet slightly disillusioned since they thought it was the only way to drive revenue. In fact, at first, they were kinda skeptical when it came to investing time and capital in organic SEO.

For them PPC was the only way to drive traffic and boost revenue, so adding organic SEO to the mix didn’t seem like a wise investment – that was until FP Growth opened their eyes to the potential value of organic SEO, and steered them towards new opportunities for long-term revenue generation.

They knew that we weren’t making empty promises when it came to delivering on SEO, since we had already showcased our abilities while delivering a user-engaging redesign of in 2019 (the current website was designed and developed by FP Growth)

Here’s a glimpse of the challenges we’ll discuss:

  • Low Web Traffic
  • Oblivious to the Power of SEO
  • Good Resources but Low SERP Rankings
  • Cut-throat Competition


In this case study, we’re going to discuss the exact strategies we implemented to boost our operating partners’ web traffic and how we revamped their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Strategy.

  • Implementing a cohesive on-page and off-page organic SEO strategy to complement the existing PPC and Social Media Ad campaigns
  • Tackling a bunch of overlooked, but incredibly important, technical SEO-specific issues, such as Page Load Time, Mobile Page Size, etc.
  • Identifying direct competitors and analyzing key components of their SEO strategy, such as Domain Authority (DA), Backlink Profiles, Keyword Rankings, etc.
  • Developing and implementing a cohesive Content Strategy, and utilizing Content Syndication to boost referral traffic
  • Actively participating in relevant Forum Discussions and Cross-Posting Great Content
  • Utilizing Infographics, Podcasts, and Video Content for Link Building


At present, MosaicTileOutlet is competing with some of the top brands in the industry, and our solutions yielded exceptional results within months. Here’s an overview:

  • 836% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
  • 97K average monthly traffic with nearly 600K Impressions per month
  • Significantly Higher Rankings for Competitive Keywords (Nearly 800 keywords in positions 1-3)
  • 3429% Increase in Backlinks, Especially Do-follow Ones

Let’s jump into the details!

Mosaic Tile Outlet was not a new name in the wholesale tile market and we had to maintain their reputation in the Digital world too!

Product quality – Exceptional and Service – Top-notch!

What they lacked was Search Engine Visibility!

That’s where we came in!


Challenge 1: Few Site Visitors

So far our MTO had a limited digital presence and they lacked visibility in Search Engine results. Due to a lower ranking in organic searches, their initial number of site visitors was deficient, and they weren’t exactly good with backlinks as well. This dumped their purpose of building a website right down the drain. 

Google Analytics Organic Vs Paid

Most of their web traffic was generated via paid traffic and since SEO wasn’t a part of their strategy, their plan didn’t have a long-term value.

Challenge 2: Oblivious of SEO

Before we took over, they heavily invested in PPC, thinking it was the only reliable source to drive leads. Although PPC is a great revenue builder (starting off) but their overall strategies didn’t have SEO to complement, the results were slower than expected.

website data

Additionally, their Resources section was value-jammed but since their strategy lacked SEO, their content wasn’t getting the traction it deserved.

Challenge 3: Cut-throat Competition

As the popularity of Mosaic Tiles has been on a rise in the US, the competition became increasingly fierce and since the online market was already dominated by SEO Daemons, ranking for keywords as “mosaic tiles” was especially difficult owing to the high volume and keyword difficulty.

Mosaic Tiles Result Google Trends

However, when we took over, we noticed that a key part was missing in their strategies – a strategy that had the potential to boost web traffic exponentially and their revenue as well – SEO and thus began our quest to focus on SEO to bring in – not just Marketing Qualified but Sales Qualified leads.


Having worked with them on the website development part, we knew exactly what medications would work for their site to boost their web traffic and visibility online.

We needed a robust SEO strategy to boost our client’s organic traffic, as it’s the lifeline of every online business. We kickstarted the process with a complete Site Audit, which helped us understand what our plan of action should be.

Step 1:

Site Audit and Keyword Mapping

A complete site audit sketched a picture of why Mosaic Tile Outlet wasn’t ranking #1 in the SERPs despite having an amazing and unique collection of tiles and mosaic tiles being a popular tile choice among buyers in the US:

Mosaic Tile GT

This site audit helped us target the most popular tiles and analyze site visits for that particular product page.

Once we had a solid list of tiles that were in-trend, we started with our keyword research and mapped out what phrases customers were mostly searching for.
For example, our research found that people were mostly interested in Glass Mosaic Tiles for Backsplash, Pool Tiles and Subway Tiles.

Compare mosaic tiles google trends

Being a fiercely competitive market, ranking for these keywords wasn’t obviously a cakewalk, it took time, persistence and rigorous efforts.

Additionally, they had a strong Resources section, we enhanced our clients’ Keyword Strategy by focusing on low to medium volume keywords, and high intent, which we leveraged to boost traction to their amazing onsite content Resources section and to use them for Guest Posting.

Step 2:

Perfect On-Page Optimization

The site audit revealed a bunch of aspects that were in dire need of improvements. Here’s a glimpse of what the different on-page factors a.k.a. Web vitals were at:

  • Page Load Time was 6.7s (recommended is < 5s)
  • Mobile Page Size ~ 4.4MB (ideal page size < 3MB)
  • Improper URL structure with no keyword
  • Missing Alt Texts
  • Meta description and Title lacked target keywords
  • Data wasn’t properly structured
  • Crawling errors as some pages weren’t indexed

Site Audit Results - mosaic tiles

A dollar spent on SEO has a longtime return value, that’s why we kickstarted the solution-implementation process with some key On-Page SEO solutions, here’s  what we implemented:

  • Added a few elements into their existing pages to fix the structured data markup errors  and increase the visibility in SERPs and hence the click through rates
  • Decrease the page load time by optimizing images using image optimizer, this helped decrease the bounce rate as well
  • Enhanced the quality of onsite pages by focusing on on-page SEO aspects like keywords, tags, meta descriptions, structured data, and images.
  • Improved the usability features like mobile optimization to ensure that my site’s web pages were fully optimized. We have been doing regular on-page optimization and site audits to maintain and continue to improve rankings.
  • URL restructuring and including relevant

These solutions when implemented helped us boost the overall clicks and the total impressions with an average CTR of 1.3% despite the corona epidemic:

GA results

Step 3:

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is an ocean of valuable information, whether you’re planning to build content, work on keyword research or grab key backlinks, you can extract a bunch of information from it without having to work from scratch, all you need to know is Your Target Audience and Your Competitor.

After running an in-depth site audit, our next step was to create a list of competitors for Mosaic Tile Outlet, this helped us get meaningful insights and compare MTO with their competitors to better assess their SEO performance and understand things that we needed to work on.

A continuous track of their competitors’ gave us an idea of what their peers were doing better, the type of blogs they wrote, websites they had backlinks with, etc.

But… How did we identify competitors in the first place?

The first step towards this is understanding the Buyer Persona or potential customer and identifying keywords they were likely to search for. This involves a lot of brainstorming, searching on Google for the same and using tools as Ahrefs and SEMrush, etc. Here’s a glimpse.

Keyword Position Volume KD (Jan)
peel and stick glass tile 46 800 16
glass mosaic tile 13 1.3k 14
mosaic floor tile 18 900 2
mosaic tile 12 12k 11
mosaic tile backsplash 21 2.3k 27
spanish tiles 13 1.9k 31
beveled subway tile 93 1.4k 1
Swimming pool tile 26 600 16

A quick target keyword search in Google and Ahrefs gave a rough idea of who their competitors were, something to get started. Here’s what we did to leverage the simple Google search:

  • site:mosaictileoutletcomp1.combacksplash tiles

target keyword search in Google

  • site:mosaictileoutletcomp2.comblog – if your competitor has a “Blog” page

target keyword search in Google: blog

We then used Ahrefs Site Explorer to further analyze their competitors – it provides you with all the necessary information, from Domain Authority to Content to Ranking Keywords, everything, a great insight is of course, their Backlink Profile – as it helps with link prospecting and hence builds blogger outreach program which will be discussed in-depth in Step 5.

MTO website sample

Additionally, to enhance the quality of their services, we integrated an AI chatbot that helped buyers track their orders hassle-free. This proved effective and boosted customer satisfaction as well as increased the online orders by 40%.

Step 4:

Content Optimization, Planning and Syndication

As mentioned earlier, their amazing Resources section lacked traction, because of a very obvious reason – SEO, they weren’t using Keyword Research as a part of their overall strategy and weren’t targeting any specific keywords that could’ve helped them rank in Google.

Content Optimization

The First step was to create a list of all the onsite blogs that were present at that time to avoid duplication of content:

Spreadsheet with Blog titles sample: MTO

With a thorough list of keywords (with good search volume and low competition) in place, our next step was to curate a list of topics and map each topic with the relevant primary and secondary keywords to create a content calendar and start posting the content regularly.

Spreadsheet Blog titles sample with Keyword and Ideas: MTO

We worked on a strategy around planning, creating, repurposing and reusing the content pieces to get the maximum value out of it, this helped us boost the organic traffic and establish Mosaic Tiles as the GO-TO place for customers.

Content Optimization

Another important strategy that worked wonders was Updating Onsite Content – Google prefers content that’s regularly updated or that’s up-to-date; so for instance, if you wrote content for Top Tile Trends for Kitchen Backsplash 2020, update the year and part of the blog content as well.

Content Syndication

Strategic distribution of content and creating varying forms of content is another important aspect of Content Planning; for distribution of content, we analyzed the websites and platforms our buyer persona engages the most with (you can start by reaching out to these sites for backlinks first – discussed in Step 5).

As for the type of content, we worked on value-jammed guest posts, informative blog posts, interactive infographics, ultimate guides on pressing issues (as tile selection and installation), etc. For maximum visibility, we created a content promotion strategy that included:

  • Content Syndication – Worked on Web 2.0, press releases, etc.
  • Content Distribution – Shortlisted blogs and websites to share updated content<
  • Forum Discussions – Active participation in discussions and solving pain points by answering queries of potential customers

We also made sure that every touchpoint within the lead generation and sales process had a call to action apart from being informative and helpful to the customer – a better UX and addition of relevant keywords, helped boost their referral traffic, which according to Google plays an important role in determining page rank.

Step 5:

Link Prospecting and Building

We implemented a bunch of link prospecting and building tactics, here are a few:

Guest Posting

Writing engaging guest blogs for websites with good domain authority was one of our key strategies for link building.

But how did we discover relevant backlink opportunities?

With a simple Google Search!

Here’s what we did:

  • Keyword intitle:guest blogging opportunity” – To find a guest blogging opportunity
  • Keyword intitle:blog – To find a blog with the mentioned keyword in the title
  • keyword
  • site:abc.comindustry” “blog

target keyword search in Google: blog

These search tricks are not only great to spy on your competitors but also reveal a lot about your potential guest blogger.

So the first thing we did was to gather a bunch of high-authority blogs and websites that accept guest posts, for which the above-mentioned queries worked wonders.

Note: Google is biased towards backlinks from high-authority websites, so before you build a template and strategy for pitching make sure you check their Domain Authority and social influence.

Once we had a list of influential blogs, the next step was pitching them for which a great tool is  – High-Quality Content around topics they might be interested in. This helped us gain over 4K Backlinks which soon helped us establish MTO as the OOGWAY in the tile manufacturing industry. Here’s a snapshot:

Start of Work Graph - graph shows difference

This boosted their referral traffic and slowly improved their Domain Authority and the inflow of traffic to the MTO website by 836%! Amazing, right?

With the right set of keywords, you can also check what topics your guest blogger hasn’t covered yet on their blog or site, and then approach them with the same making your pitch more customized to their audience.

Infographic Outreach

Another important backlink tactic that we implemented was creating infographics (we created this infographic on “Kitchen Backsplash Trends) that were cross-posted to build maximum traction.

Discussion Forums

Actively participating in discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, Tilersforum, etc. that helped us build authority by answering queries and speaking about industry topics.


Exponentially increasing website traffic, be it organic or paid traffic is the holy grail of online business development and although paid promotions and ad campaigns help you get noticed when you’re starting off, SEO is what impacts your organic traffic in the long run.

The changes were visible early on, here’s a glimpse at their backlink profile before and after FirsPrinciples:

Comparison Graph referring domains and pages - performance

A couple of months in, the results were clear:

Keyword Ranking Position

Keyword ranking saw growth to 12.1K which increased to 13.1K within 2 months. That’s the power of SEO!

Implementation of the aforementioned solutions and techniques we were able to improve their site’s organic SEO performance. Here’s a glimpse at some key improvements:

Overall net gains stats

  • Increase of 836% in the organic web traffic, here’s a glimpse:

Organic vs paid users graph - GA

  • Average traffic in the last 28 days is 97K with over 2M impressions
  • Significantly higher rankings for competitive keywords, here’s a snapshot:

Comparison Google search console results

Within a year, MTO saw a whopping increase of 336% in the organic keywords that eventually played a key role in boosting the organic traffic by 14X.

comparison results: may march and oct

Additionally, our backlink building efforts also paid that led to a 3429% increase in their Backlinks, which currently stands at 4.8K (according to Ahrefs Jan 2021 readings), especially do-follow ones.


Shoutout to all the SaaS Founders out there who are scared of SEO and believe driving organic traffic with SEO is difficult and time-consuming, this case study is the MERLIN ready to grant all their Growth Wishes. All it needs is Perseverance and Hard Work!

Result? The best ROI.

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