6 Enterprise SEO Solutions & Software To Boost Your Growth Organically

Pushkar Sinha
Feb 24, 2022
12 mins read
6 Enterprise SEO Solutions & Software To Boost Your Growth Organically

The ever-evolving world of the internet is making it hard for businesses to keep up and outrank their competitors time and again. It’s tough for SaaS companies with the increasing competition in the market. And even if companies somehow manage to rank in the top 3 in the search results, it’s not too long before Google hits the algorithm update button.

Luckily, several enterprise SEO software (aka enterprise SEO tools) make life easy for us as SaaS founders and developers never back down from creating new and enhanced enterprise SEO solutions for these challenging times.

Enterprise SEO Tools

Enterprise SEO tools are a one-stop platform with all the SEO solutions for your SaaS, from keyword research to technical site audits to content optimization to competitor analysis and more. These single consoles can give you all the information you need to improve your web rankings. These platforms also have features to enhance the PPC performance and backlink profile of your SaaS.

Enterprise SEO solutions save you from tedious and mundane research and data analysis by serving all the necessary information on a platter. As an extension of this, we can define an enterprise SEO strategy as a strategic approach to SEO on a large scale.

You might be wondering, “But there are so many enterprise SEO software out there; which one should I choose?

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying and testing every tool, as we have compiled a list of the best enterprise SEO tools that will help you up to your SEO game. Gone are the days when marketers had to juggle keyword research, content analysis, and traffic reports while keeping tabs on their competitors.


In this blog, we have six enterprise SEO solutions that can help you improve your page performance and pull in more traffic, and most importantly, save you from spreadsheets and hours of in vain data analysis.

Enterprise SEO Solution #1: SEMrush

One of the most comprehensive enterprise SEO tools, SEMrush is an all-in-one tool with features like keyword research, backlink management, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing.

  • Auditing your website’s SEO performance
  • Gives key insights into competitor profile 
  • Examines your backlink profile
  • It helps discover new backlink opportunities
  • Offers insights into advanced SEO analytics and keyword research

The paid version of SEMrush comes with some handy features that are crucial for organic growth, like the Keyword magic tool that has a database of over 20 billion keywords to help you generate related long-tail keywords and combinations or the Site Audit tool that crawls the website and detects any SEO issues that can impact the organic visibility.

The other tools, Position Tracking, Keyword Overview Tool, On-Page SEO Checker, Domain Overview Tool, and more, can help you enhance the organic visibility of your SaaS.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush comes with three pricing packages. The Pro plan can add up to 5 projects and crawl 100,000 pages per month. It starts at $119.95 a month and lets you track around 500 keywords (all five projects combined).

With the Guru plan, SEMrush expands the crawl limits to crawl up to 300K pages. It costs around $229.95 a month. You can also track positions of around up to 1,500 keywords.

The Business plan, priced at $449.95 a month, allows users to crawl around 1,000,000 pages and tracks positions for up to 5,000 keywords.

Enterprise SEO Solution #2: ClickFlow

A superb content optimization software, ClickFlow is a must-have tool for SaaS companies. From helping marketers build a content plan to suggesting title and meta tags and nailing on-page optimization for better ranking in the SERPs. If you think that this tool is just like any other enterprise SEO tool, think again. It allows you to test out different tags and gives recommendations to optimize them, and shows you the test results.

With Clickflow, users can:

  • Test the suitable titles and meta descriptions
  • Test the effectiveness of page element changes
  • Test elements like internal links, on-page images, H1 tags, and more
  • Gather valuable data from your target customers
  • Get insights into traffic decline for useful pages
  • Reduces research time by pulling data from Google’s People Also Ask box
  • It helps you keep your content rank up-to-date by detecting lower-ranking pages
  • Keeps track of the top 50 keywords for your blogs

Every SaaS company is after growth, and ClickFlow’s content intelligence tool is just what they need. Along with their content editor, marketers can now create recipes of higher ranking. With features like Content Decay, Change Monitoring, Page Element, and Meta/Title testing, ClickFlow is a must-have tool for businesses looking to skyrocket their organic traffic.

ClickFlow Pricing

ClickFlow comes with two pricing packages, Starter Plan and Professional Plan. The Starter Plan includes features like Content Editor, Meta and Title Testing, Content Decay, and Change Monitoring and starts at $109/month for websites with 10,000 Google Search Console clicks per month.

The Professional Plan has additional features like keyword analysis, content optimization, monthly analysis, and more and can be used for websites with more than 10,000 Google Search Console clicks per month.

Enterprise SEO Solution #3: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO platform perfect for a complete website audit, keyword research, rank tracking, and link-building activities. Ahrefs allows you to analyze domains that link to your competitors; you can use this feature and rank these websites based on domain authority and review the content they are using to get these links. You can also check your target website for broken links and offer them a range with which they can replace their old link.

  • It helps users deep dive, into any technical SEO issues
  • Helps refine SEO strategy
  • Generates strong link recommendations
  • Strong keyword research capabilities

Apart from suggesting the number of backlinks you need to acquire to rank higher in the SERPs, this tool also gives comprehensive inputs about the inbound links, like the page each link points to when a link was last viewed, which page has the most inbound links and more. It’s an excellent tool that makes SEO more straightforward and faster.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers different pricing plans ranging from Lite to Agency plans. The Ahrefs Lite plan allows users to add up to 5 projects and costs $99 per month. It will enable them to crawl 10,000 internal HTML pages and track rank for 500 keywords.

The Standard plan allows users to add ten projects with a crawl limit of 500K pages. The package starts at $179 per month and will enable users to track 1,500 keywords.

The Ahrefs Advanced and Agency plans to allow users to add up to 25 and 100 projects, charging $399 and $999 per month, respectively.

Enterprise SEO Solution #4: Screaming Frog

An important SEO factor that determines the ranking of your website is its crawlability and discoverability, Screaming Frog is a specialized tool that helps you with that. This tool can help you strategize and tailor your website to enhance its crawlability and index it for search engine results. Screaming Frog crawls through your website like any search engine and generates a report with all the redirects. Running a crawl test with screaming Frog will help you understand:

  • List of technical fixes your website might need
  • Which pages are loading correctly and which are not
  • Are there any Duplicate URLs?
  • Find broken links
  • Are there any link errors
  • Are you tracking the 404 and 500 error pages?

SEO experts have used screaming Frog for quite a long time. It’s an easy-to-use tool to crawl your pages for broken links and canonical issues. You can crawl your target websites (for backlinking), crawl their pages to check for broken link opportunities, and offer the publisher one of your URLs as a replacement.

ScreamingFrog Pricing

Screaming Frog has two versions, a free version and a paid version that you can purchase for £149.00 per year (both renewed yearly).

The free version has certain limitations as the crawl limit of 500 URLs doesn’t offer 3rd party site integrations (like Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.). You also can’t customize robots.txt, and there isn’t any free technical support offered in the paid version. The paid version also has packages based on the number of licenses you purchase, 1 to 4 Licences for £149 per license (approx $202), 5 to 9 Licences for £139 (approx $189) per license, 10 to 19 Licenses for £129 (approx $175) per license, etc.

Enterprise SEO Solution #5: SpyFu

SpyFu is a competitor keyword research SEO solution that helps you keep tabs on your competitors. It lives up to its name by assisting users to

  • Track keywords they are ranking for
  • Ease the PPC and SEO competitor research
  • It helps you Monitor your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • It enables you to keep track of websites in your SEO niche
  • Trace the ranking history to analyze the optimization tricks that led to their performance
  • It gives a warning of domains gaining on their keywords
  • Lightens their workload by imitating their most formidable competitor’s strategy

Apart from being dedicated to competitor research, SpyFu is also a great tool to keep track of your performance and get more backlinks for your websites. This is also accomplished by keeping a close eye on competitors and how they are getting their link juice. The recommendations it provides can make your traffic growth easier for both organic and paid channels.

SpyFu Pricing

With features like rank tracking, AdWords templates, ranking history, PPC competitor research, and more, SpyFu is a must-have tool for SaaS companies. This enterprise SEO solution comes with three basic, professional, and team pricing plans, with an option to opt for a yearly or monthly plan.

The basic plan allows up to 10k row search results with six months of historical data and 5k weekly tracked keyword rankings for a price of $33- $39 monthly.

On the other hand, the professional plan allows unlimited search results with access to 10+ years of historical data and 15k weekly tracked keyword rankings for a price of $58- $79 monthly. This plan comes with API access and the option to create a custom brand report.

The team plan allows unlimited search results with access to 10+ years of historical data and 40k weekly tracked keyword rankings for a price of $199- $299 monthly. Like the professional plan, this also comes with API access and creating a custom brand report.

Enterprise SEO Solution #6: Google SEO Kit

Google owns 91.9% of the search engine market share, which means that most searches and online traffic are conducted through this platform, using Google SEO tools (such as Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics) a must. Another reason to use these tools is that they’re typically free.

Google Webmaster or Search Console is a web service by Google that helps you with some great insights into the web traffic such as click-through rate (CTR), impressions and clicks, and indexing status of your website. It can also be integrated with tools like Google Data Studio and Google Analytics.

Google analytics, another tool by Google that displays web analytics, allows you to monitor incoming traffic, reporting, and performance metrics. It gives you insights into how users find, use, and engage with your SaaS website. Here are some of the metrics it highlights:

  • Bounce rate
  • Users (New vs. returning)
  • Source of traffic
  • Average session duration 
  • Pageviews
  • Goal completions, and more

Lighthouse Insights analyzes your website and gives details about its performance and suggestions to make your website faster. It helps you optimize your website for both desktop and mobile devices. It provides insights into:

  • First contentful paint
  • Speed index
  • Largest contentful paint
  • Time to interactive
  • Total blocking time
  • Cumulative layout shift and suggestions to optimize these factors 


The best part about the Google SEO kit is that it is free to use, and since Google itself provides the optimization insights, you can be sure that if implemented correctly, your website will rank higher in the SERPs.

Final Thoughts

With never-ending tasks, choosing the right tool for your SaaS often finds it tedious and draining to keep track of all the information, which is crucial for businesses as it determines strategies that can be implemented for better performance in the next quarter. The above list can help you get an idea of the best choices you have but for the ultimate decision, you need to understand your product and the metrics you want to track (usually the ones that are beneficial to your SaaS).

Are you struggling with customizing and creating a unique blend of the best SEO tools for your enterprise-level company? Choosing the right set of tools can be a head-scratcher and something that many SaaS marketers struggle with.

Talk to a FP Growth SEO Expert right now to determine what will work the best for your SaaS. After all, there is always a difference between SaaS inbound vs traditional inbound processes. We also assist with site audits and optimizations for quick wins to boost your traffic.

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