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Wondering how you can take your e-commerce business to the next level? Invest in quality e-commerce SEO services. With a growth-oriented e-commerce SEO strategy, you can aim for a higher ROI and attract new customers.

FP Growth is a Certified Google Partner, and we practice a holistic approach to e-commerce SEO by leveraging a data-driven SEO techniques. Our clients have seen a remarkable 60% revenue growth with our e-commerce SEO services!

Our link-building services will help you get backlinks from websites you proudly boast about. Our organic and ethical approach ensures you only get premium links through genuine outreach, quality content creation, rigorous negotiation, and long-standing relationships.



Monthly Visitors

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higher than before while ranking for high intent keywords.

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E-Commerce SEO thrusts your online store forward among thousands of others. But how crucial is e-commerce SEO in terms of SERPs? Let's have a look:


of the users don't open the second page of the search results.


Clicks on the top-ranking website on search results


Research their purchases online on search engines before making a decision.

Yep, the stakes are that high! SEO services for e-commerce websites ensure that you get ample relevant traffic with a buying intent by ranking your domain at the top of SERPs.

Spark New Sales Opportunities for Your Retail Business.

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FP Growth helps you stand out from the herd.

As an e-commerce search engine optimization agency, we are passionate about collaborating with rising e-commerce businesses from different industries and helping them amplify their online presence.

But really sets us apart? Let's have a closer look.

Omnichannel Support Under One Roof

With FPG, you will constantly find new ways to scale your business. Collaborate with our SEO experts and see your online sales soar with newer channels to stay ahead of the competition, always.

Landing Page Optimization

Convert clicks to customers in no time with our tailored messaging, compelling CTAs, and carefully designed landing pages which are A/B tested to enhance your conversions from the get-go.

Incorporating and Optimizing Automation

Monitor your e-commerce domain better than ever with automation. Keep track of your SEO metrics as we automate tasks like broken link checking, real-time reporting, and budget management for greater transparency.

A+ Team of Top-notch SEO Analysts

Expand your team naturally with our SEO experts. They specialize in plugging and working in perfect sync with teams, understanding your goals, and developing a tailored eCommerce SEO strategy for maximum ROI.

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“Results-driven approach can bring value to anyone generating revenue through their online presence.”

“FP Growth catapulted our website to the top of search engine results, surpassing larger competitors along the way. The results simply speak for themselves. The team has helped with massive growth on the organic traffic side and also leads the product engineering efforts. FP Growth has been an amazing partner.”

Arman Ghosh
Arman Ghosh Co-Founder | Greatvet

“FP Growth's SaaS SEO expertise was a game-changer for us. They propelled us to #1 in our niche for organic traffic, driving us past $3 million in revenue. Their strategic approach and flawless execution made all the difference. Highly recommend!”

TJ Lokboj
TJ Lokboj Co-Founder | Syndication Pro
Syndication Pro
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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO services are the lifeline for the growth of an e-commerce business, and they have multi-pronged benefits, like:

● Diversifying your web traffic,
● Enhancing your brand visibility,
● Attracting a targeted audience base,
● Building a user-friendly eCommerce experience,
● Developing a long-term profit cushion, and
● Multiplying your MRR and ARR.

Even though the basic rules remain the same, e-commerce SEO is different because the volume of web pages to be optimized is way higher. The eCommerce niche is overly competitive, and optimizing your business helps you

● Give your site a clear structure so your product pages are appropriately categorized, and
● Make your site navigation intuitive to help the search engines crawl your eCommerce website better.

FP Growth is your one-stop e-commerce SEO Agency. We devise custom eCommerce SEO strategies to help our clients thrust their brands ahead in the competition. When you partner with FP Growth, you will get a flurry of advantages, like

● Regular reports,
● Dedicated campaign focus,
● A diverse range of expertise,
● Best in-house content writers, and
● Data-driven and revenue-focused approach.

Any SEO campaign is for the long term. So, you may have to wait a few months to see any significant change. However, the timeline may differ based on factors like

● Your business niche,
● Your website’s current state, and
● The overall competitive landscape of your niche.

But with a strategic and tailored approach, you can gradually increase your website visits, conversions, and, ultimately, your sales revenue.

When looking for an e-commerce SEO company, keep the following checklist in mind:

● Ample experience working with online retail companies
● Case studies of revenue-driven eCommerce SEO campaigns
● Transparent communication
● Expertise in working on eCommerce platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

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