Rahul Chakraborty

Rahul Chakraborty

Rahul Chakraborty


Senior Growth Manager

About Rahul Chakraborty

Rahul Chakraborty brings over six years of SaaS industry expertise, specializing in product marketing and RevOps management. His campaigns leverage insights into user behavior and market trends for maximum impact.

As RevOps Manager at SyndicationPro, Rahul led a transformative journey, propelling the company from a startup to a thriving entity with a $1.5 million ARR. His strategic guidance optimized revenue streams and streamlined operations for sustainable growth.

Currently a Senior Growth Manager at a specialized SaaS-focused Marketing Agency, FirstPrinciples Growth, Rahul crafts and executes high-impact growth strategies. He shares his tech passion and business acumen through insightful articles, establishing himself as a thought leader in the dynamic SaaS landscape.

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