Rajashree Goswami

Rajashree Goswami


Lead Content Writer

About Rajashree Goswami

Rajashree is the Lead Content Writer at FirstPrinciples Growth Advisory, specializing in SaaS product marketing content. With 8+ years of experience as a writer turned researcher, she has a deep-rooted affinity for B2B SaaS content writing & strategy planning. She excels in transforming complex solutions into engaging articles that address readers’ pain points in B2B SaaS. Moreover, she actively incorporates SEO best practices into her writing and collaborates with SEO analysts in keyword research and content calendar planning. 

Rajashree excels across various domains, crafting tailored content for B2B SaaS users at diverse stages of marketing funnels to enhance lead generation and conversion strategies. She has extensively documented her insights in a series of captivating blogs in the genres of SaaS SEO and Content Marketing. These blogs cover topics such as  SaaS Venture Studio, Issues in providing SaaS services to Enterprise Customers, Enterprise SEO Platforms, and Metrics SaaS business needs to track, etc. 

Furthermore, as a versatile writer, she has made valuable contributions through publications like Journal of Content, Community and Communication, Communicator, Indian Institute Of Mass Communication. She also has worked on projects by UK Research & Innovations, with the University of Sheffield. Her work is also documented & archived in the National Library of Australia. Her ability to seamlessly blend expertise with eloquence allows her to continue effectively educating and informing readers.