Tackle SaaS SEO Challenges Like A Pro


Tackle SaaS SEO Challenges Like A Pro

Tackle SaaS SEO Challenges Like A Pro

Are you looking to generate leads on a consistent basis for your SaaS product? If yes, you need a well-strategized SEO on your side. With the influx of new SaaS products every year, marketers need to have a well-organized strategy in place if they intend to stand out and win organic market share.

Every marketer dreams of landing the top spot on Google (or, at least, the first page), but only a handful succeed. In this webinar, let’s talk about the pain points most SEOs encounter when handling a SaaS project and the opportunities to overcome them.
1. SaaS SEO
2. Pitfalls that halt your SEO performance
3. How to overcome the challenges?
4. Setup Goals & KPIs
5. Identify Buyer/User Persona
6. How to deal with direct/indirect competitors
7. Identify keywords of all stages (ToFu, MoFu & BoFu) & which one to prioritize
8. Link Building to improve the authority
9. Focus on BoFu to attract the decision-makers
10. Key content strategies for better growth:
11. Identify keywords
12. Keyword Mapping
13. Make sure to follow E-A-T
14. Content distribution & performance

Webinar Questions

This is a compilation of questions asked by the attendees during the webinar session

This is a compilation of questions asked by the attendees during the webinar session

Yes, there are many tools that you can use, free and paid ones. Some of the must-have tools for SEO for saas companies are:
1. SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help you with the SEO audit, content and keyword analysis, research, and build a great backlink profile.
2. ScreamingFrog - Helps you determine the crawlability and discoverability of your website
3. Google SEO kit - From using Lighthouse Insights to optimize the performance of your website for both desktop and mobile devices to Google Analytics, which displays web analytics, allows you to monitor incoming traffic, reporting, and performance metrics, the Google SEO kit is a must-have for all SaaS marketers.
For more information on the SaaS SEO tool., check out this blog documentation

Using the right tools can help you quicken the process. However, SEO takes time. Here's a detailed list of how many hours each SEO activity takes.

There aren't any drawbacks to SEO for SaaS as such other than the fact that SEO takes time, and if you are looking to get leads in a short period, you might need to focus on ads and SEO activities. Paid ads and SEO, if implemented simultaneously, can help you increase your MQLs in no time.

For SaaS, keyword research is crucial, and frequently SaaS marketers find themselves in a dilemma between focusing on keyword difficulty or intent. The search intent comes first, and once you have jotted down a list of keywords with the right intent, you can then go ahead and sort them based on the keyword difficulty and try to pick a primary keyword that has comparatively less KD. For more information on keyword research for SaaS companies, check out this ebook.

Having around 10 backlinks to your homepage (in case it's a new site without much content) is good. However, for each consecutive month, make sure the backlinks to your home page and inner content pages increase by at least 3 backlinks per month. To build high-quality backlinks, start by building links from relevant websites with high domain authority.

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