Top and Middle Funnel Marketing Strategies To Boost Conversion Rate


Top and Middle of the Funnel Marketing Strategies To Boost Conversion Rate

Top and Middle of the Funnel Marketing Strategies To Boost Conversion Rate

B2B SaaS Marketing is a chess game of its own. Each move has to be evaluated and thought upon before making it. Mistakes are allowed but the recovery rate has to be quicker as the game progresses.

Marketing Strategies that SaaS companies use to drive conversions are typically more Bottom of funnel-based. But that does not mean that the Top and Middle funnel Strategies are not relevant to them. So the question now comes into the picture – When to start? How to start?
Top of the funnel Strategies bring traffic but not the conversions expected so how to drive the conversions up? Let’s explore some of them

  1. Marketing strategies for B2B Saas companies
  2. Do SaaS companies need to focus on TOFU and MOFU strategies? When to start these?
  3. Tactics or Strategies relevant to Top and Middle funnel conversions
  4. BOFU Vs TOFU Strategies
  5. BOFU Vs MOFU Strategies
  6. Where does content fit in this piece of the puzzle? And what type of content?
  7. Are these strategies useful for pre-seed and startups also?

Bonus: A template of a handbook that every SaaS Company should have for the initial assessment of Product-market fit

Webinar Questions

This is a compilation of questions asked by the attendees during the webinar session

This is a compilation of questions asked by the attendees during the webinar session

Keeping tabs on impressions is good, but for blogs, that’s not the ultimate goal. A testimony of your blog content being likable can be determined by the “time spent” metric. Along with this metric, you would also want to monitor the bounce rate. As a standard, a good average time on page (for blogs) is somewhere around 2-3 minutes and as for bounce rate 50-60%. There are some other metrics to measure for blogs as well such as page views and average pages per session, etc.

Video marketing has been quite popular in the SaaS industry (part of the reason is the fact that it constitutes more than 75% of all consumer internet traffic). In fact, visitors spend about 260% more time on web pages with videos.
SaaS companies have started leveraging these marketing tactics in various ways such as Product walkthroughs and explainer videos, case studies and testimonials, expert interviews, etc. There are a plethora of video marketing platforms:
Youtube (of course)

Copywriting is sharing your knowledge in minimal words to make your marketing campaign effective. It’s an essential skill that marketers need to have. Here are some basic tips that can help you enhance your copywriting skills:
Write like a piece of content and then break up long chunks of copy
Do your research properly and write for your readers
Make it conversational
Keep it short and interesting
Highlight the issue your SaaS or the service you’re writing for is resolving
Have a specific purpose - Engage your audience, build trust, or for conversions
Give the gist in the headline
Point your copy towards a call to action

Conversions, revenue, and profit of businesses are dependent on the mighty call to action. As a marketer, you need something that appeals to users, invites their response, and tells them what steps they need to take. CTAs can be used to spur users to download a PDF, fill out a contact form, buy a product, or even just go to another page. While adding a CTA, you need to consider the placement, its Design, and the Copy. Remember that the average conversion rate for a call-to-action element is 4.23% and since 90% of the headline readers read the CTA as well, you need to give them a clear and compelling CTA to maximize conversions

Conversion optimization isn’t phase-specific, you need to apply optimization strategies throughout the buyer journey (for Top of Funnel (TOFU)
Middle of Funnel (MOFU) and Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)), focussing on the phases that sees the highest dropouts. It’s just that the strategies (especially the content you share with your clientele) applied at each step will vary, as discussed in the webinar video above

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