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Pushkar Sinha


Head of Digital Marketing

About Pushkar Sinha

Pushkar Sinha is the Head of Digital Marketing at FirstPrinciples Growth Advisory. With 15+ years of expertise, he specializes in SEOfor European, American, and Indian markets, both in agency and in-house roles. His holistic skill set encompasses Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, E-Commerce, and Project Management. Pushkar is offering strategic thinking and a results-oriented approach in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. His expertise has been published in numerous reputable publications, including Clearscope, SaaSlinko, Inbound Blogging, etc. 

Furthermore, he has shared his experience-driven SaaS SEO strategies in webinars such as Marketing in the Age of AI, Stay Ahead of the Google Algorithm Update Game, Double the Traffic for Your SaaS in 3 Months by Leveraging SEO. Also, he has authored content on topics such as 12 Signs that an SEO Agency is Not Suitable for Your SaaS Business, Optimizing SEO for SaaS Startups, Trends, and Growth Benchmarks for B2B SaaS Companies, among others.

Pushkar has played a pivotal role in aiding startups and multinational companies across various industries, including Finance, NBFC, SaaS, Home Improvement, Health, and Software, in achieving their SEO goals and enhancing their organic search visibility. 

As a dynamic and cross-functional marketing leader, he has a proven track record of planning and executing exceptional marketing campaigns that deliver positive returns. His unique blend of drive, determination, and intelligence makes him a valuable contributor to any team or project. Pushkar is recognized for his creativity, energy, solution-oriented mindset, and high motivation, complemented by excellent communication skills.

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